AR-15 Basic Shooting Kit


This kit includes the AR-15 Conversion, 5.56/.223 Target Shooting Ammunition (30 rounds), Magazine, and Projectile Puller.

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This kit includes the AR-15 Conversion, 5.56/.223 Target Shooting Ammunition (30 rounds), Magazine, and Projectile Puller.

UTM products are designed for the utmost safety, reliability and low maintenance. The UTM Pistol Conversion is expertly engineered with Fail-Safe measures to prevent the discharge of  live ammunition. UTM Conversions are easy to install.

UTM products are a safe, reliable and accurate alternative to live ammunition that helps avoid the need to go to a range– ideal for beginners, recreational and competition shooters. Whether you are an off duty police officer, hunter, competition shooter, firearms instructor or simply someone who enjoys the shooting sports, the UTM products will revolutionize how you practice target shooting. Now you have the freedom to target shoot virtually anywhere you want and when you want.  You can practice and improve your skills and proficiency without using a single round of live ammunition stock.

AR-15 Basic Shooting Kit has many advantages:

    • Easily convert your AR-15 style weapon to fire UTM 5.56/.223 Target Shooting Round in seconds with a Simple Bolt Carrier Group exchange – No Gunsmithing
    • The converted firearm will not fire live 5.56/.223 – minimizing accident, injury and potentially catastrophic incidents
      Safely shoot virtually anywhere – no range needed
    • Freedom from live fire restrictions
    • Virtually NO firearm fouling
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Normal firearm function, recoil and realistic cycling without hearing protection
    • Intended for all responsible gun owners- beginners to advanced
    • Train those new to firearms in safety and shooting fundamentals
    • Replaces dry fire and enhances live fire practice for professional & recreational shooters
    • Improve your skills & proficiency safely with your own firearm: accuracy, trigger & breath control, sight alignment, clearing malfunctions, magazine reloads and more…


The AR-15 Basic Shooting Kit Includes:

– AR-15 Conversion
– 30 Rounds of UTM 5.56/.223 Target Shooting Ammunition
– Projectile Puller adapter for to remove stuck projectiles
– Manual with full color illustrations


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AR-15 Conversion Instructions

*Please note that the Bolt Carrier Group Conversion is a semi-automatic conversion only. Fully automatic conversions are only available to Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, PTO’s and PSC’s.

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