Considering UTM Target Shooting Rounds (TSR) are classified as ammunition, can you ship UTM-TSR to me?

PLEASE refer to our website for shipping instructions and consult the laws governing ammunition purchases in your geographical location.

How fast does the round travel?

The average velocity is 375 feet per second (“FPS”) for 5.56/.223 and 335 FPS for 9MM.

Am I allowed to shoot this on my property?

You must check your local and state laws regarding use of firearms, and all use of TSR must be in compliance with those laws. Additionally, you must observe all rules of firearm safety with any use of TSR. All TSR use should be in a well-ventilated area with the UTM target and backer or equivalent, along with any other target area backing as appropriate for the shooting environment.

How do I convert my Glock 17 pistol?

See our installation videos on the product pages.

How do I find out more about UTM and their products?

Visit us at http://www.utmworldwide.com